This is how you know if someone truly cares about you:

The amount of time your signifiant other gives you is proportional with your importance in their life.

You know, time being one of our most precious asset, we usually spend it around things that are either important, essential, pleasurable or profitable.

If your significant other tells you that they can’t spend much time with you, realistically, it means that for them, you don’t fit in any of those categories.

It’s sad to say, but this is the ugly truth. When someone truly loves you, when you are really important to them, they always find time to be with you or to connect with you.

In fact, your degree of importance in their life can be translated significantly by the amount of time they dedicate to connect with you.

If they “never have time” for you, if they are always “busy” and if you feel like you have to chase them most of the time to spend time together, you’re probably not on the same level when it comes to priorities. In that case, they are probably more important to you than you are to them.

You know, time and energy are currencies that should be exchanged in a balanced way. If you are the one who always have to make the effort and ask to spend time together, it clearly shows an unbalance.

And if you face such situation, it may be time to reconsider your perspective.

If they don’t have time for you, they are clearly not worth your time.

Your time is as precious as theirs. And your time should be spent and shared wisely. If they can’t find time to be with you, connect with you, communicate properly and share, then you shouldn’t give them your time. Because time is one of your most precious assets. It is the only thing in life that never comes back. Therefore, your time should be given to the people who truly deserve it and who invest their time for you as much as you invest your time for them.

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