7 reasons why you should travel together as a couple:

Updated: May 15

Traveling together should be a must for couples. And here are 7 reasons beyond many that I want to highlight:

1 - How do you handle each other? When you travel together, most likely, you will be 24/7 together. You will be in each other's orbit much more than you are back home. This is going to be an excellent opportunity to see if you are heading towards overdose or not. Are you triggering each other? Are you pushing each other's "buttons"? Are you experiencing more frictions? Or, on the opposite, do you experience a deeper level of connection?

How much of each other can you handle in this type of context? The answers to those questions are usually a great indicator of what is going on in your relationship.

2 - You will have a chance to discover different sides of each other. When you are in a very different situation, you will expose various aspects and traits of your personality that wouldn't come up otherwise outside of the routine. In short, traveling together gives you a chance to reveal unseen attributes and personality tendencies that remained hidden until then.

3 - Have different conversations. Work and home duties being out of the way, and now that the everyday logistics is left behind, what are you going to talk about? Traveling together allows you to be in a different MIND SPACE. And that mind space will undoubtedly lead to conversations and talks you both eventually never shared before.

4 - Perfect moment for dating! There is no better time than holidays to reanimate a dormant flame in your romance! How many times do you find yourself caught up in a never-ending list of tasks and barely have a minute for yourself, left alone for a quality time/catch-up with your partner? Holidays provide you with the ideal environment to re-ignite the spark between the two of you.

5 - Do new activities together. Holidays usually go hand-in-hand with a bit of adventure. And adventures are great for your relationship. Anything new /exciting that you both will share will contribute to strengthening the bond between you two.

6 - Resynchronise your relationship. We all have 24 hours in one day, and for many of us, it feels far from enough. When you take a break and go somewhere together, you put yourselves in a different TIME FRAME.

The way you use your time during holidays is different than it is back home. You have some time to restore, reset, and you can take some time to adjust things and resynchronize your relationship.

7 - Evolve and grow. When you go to a foreign country with a different language, different culture, environment, traditions, and beliefs, it will challenge and recalibrate your perceptions, beliefs, and the way you approach life. And that is GOLD for personal growth. So when you travel together, you EVOLVE AND GROW TOGETHER.

Understand that traveling together is a fantastic opportunity to know each other on a deeper level. It will surely test your relationship and take it to the next level - either up or down - Either way, it will allow both of you to evolve.

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