What are we going to solve?


I work on a large bandwidth and help men and women who are facing all types of relationships issues.


If you are in a relationship, maybe you are facing one of the following situation:

  • Being involved in an affair (infidelity)

  • Having arguments over arguments, fights over fights and feel stuck into a war zone

  • Being unhappy or unsatisfied with your intimacy and sex life

  • Can’t unplug from the phone and can't connect properly with your partner

  • Can’t communicate effectively with your partner

  • Lost the burning flame in your relationship 

  • Standing at crossroads and not knowing which way to go

  • Begining a new chapter in your life and don’t know how to manage those changes i.e. having a baby 

  • A specific difficulty that requires external help and support

If you are single, you may feel frustrated because: 

  • You are looking for a relationship but can’t find anyone suitable

  • You found love, but can’t keep it

  • You keep attracting the WRONG person over and over again!

You may as well, within your family, feel stuck with one of those issues:

  • Facing a specific problem with a family member and don’t know how to solve it

  • Being in a very conflictual situation with a teenager

  • Having some chronic tensions with a parent

  • Can't talk about certain topics or hide parts of your identity (i.e. your sexual identity) for fear of rejection 

How do we remove you from this unhappy point in your life and move you towards the right direction?


1. Together we will IDENTIFY:

  • The root of your problem 

  • Where SPECIFICALLY you want to move towards

(Get CLARITY over the situation and set your personal GOALS.)


2. Together we will RECALIBRATE and RECODE:

  • Your perceptions of love

  • Your perception of relationships

  • Your beliefs. I will guide you through overcoming some conditionings enforced by society, media, traditions, religions and family values that hold you back from having fulfilling, vibrant and loving relationships.

(TRANSFORM your way of thinking.)


3. Together we will IMPLEMENT the necessary CHANGES to get you where YOU WANT TO BE. This will include:


Am I the right fit for you? 


A successful coaching experience and outcome depends largely on the quality of connection you will establish with your coach. 


Here are some principles and guidelines under which I operate in order to get you the results you are seeking:


  • I will tell you what you NEED to hear – not necessary what you WANT to hear.

  • I am non-judgemental regardless of the situation.

  • I am devoted to hold a space that will allow you to connect with your true self and own experience of Love.

  • I will work in alignment with YOUR needs.

  • I love what I do and will guide you towards your own and unique track of happiness, wellbeing and joy. I will guide you towards the relationship path that is right FOR YOU.

… So you can THRIVE and be fully ALIVE, HAPPY AND AT PEACE.

Important note : Coaching 1 0n 1:


For 1 on 1 coaching, I don’t have an established pre-constructed program to run you through. For relationship issues, I don’t believe in “1 size fits all”.  


Everyone is unique and every history is unique. Which means every problem needs to be addressed in its unique context to be solved effectively.

Therefore, you and I will establish a custom-made plan to fit exactly YOUR NEEDS and walk you towards YOUR SPECIFIC GOALS.


I work with all types of people, regardless of their age, religion, background, relationship configuration and sexual identity.

Why is it CRUCIAL that you take proper care of your relationship?


  • Because the quality of our relationships directly impact our HAPPINESS, WELLBEING and sense of SELF-WORTH.

  • Because we all have the right to experience love and intimacy in the most fulfilling way.

  • Because The FULFILLMENT we find in RELATIONSHIPS is the ULTIMATE component to a HAPPY LIFE.

  • Because for couples with children, the quality of the relationship in the couple directly holds the structure of the family unit.

  • Because as Bronnie Ware mentioned in her book “the Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying”, ALL THE REGRETS AT THE END OF LIFE ARE RELATIONSHIP RELATED.


How much is it going to cost?

I offer a FREE 20 min introductory call to get to introduce each other, draw an overview of the problem and how it can be solved, and explain the process of relationship coaching.

You will find bellow 2 consultancy options. Simply pick the one that is the most adapted to your needs.

The sessions are run via Zoom or Skype. If you are located in Melbourne, we can arrange a face to face meeting in the comfort of your own home at extra cost. 

FREE 20 minutes 

Introductory Call


  • Get straight away some clarity over the heart of the problem

  • Start to draw some guidelines towards the solution

  • Get a clear understanding of the process of Relationship Coaching


Over the phone, or via voice call on WhatsApp or Messenger

Click here to contact me and schedule

your FREE Introductory Call

Love Intelligence Unlocked Package

    4 SESSIONS 1-ON-1 COACHING (1 HOUR EACH) : Feel held and strongly supported all the way down to the relationship path your are aiming for.

    CUSTOM MADE PLAN 100% ADAPTED TO YOU: Say goodbye to your problem and start walking towards fulfilment. 

    1-ON-1 FOLLOW UP BETWEEN EACH SESSION (over the phone, via email, or other medium of your choice): Get personalised adjustments along your journey. Thrive from your progress and feel the joy and happiness emerging from a new level of connection within yourself and with your partner.


    RECEIVE RESSOURCES AND INFORMATIONS that will have a long-lasting impact and allow happiness, joy and love to be part of your everyday life.

Sessions delivered via Zoom or skype.

-  AUD 625 (including GST) - 

"The Quick Fix" - 1 Off Session


    1-ON-1 COACHING ( 1 HOUR ): Get the solution to a punctual and specific problem you are facing regarding your relationship.

    1 Time FOLLOW UP after the session to check your progress and do some adjustments if needed (follow up delivered over the phone, via email, or other medium of your choice). Breathe, leave your problem behind, and find peace within yourself and your relationship.


Sessions delivered via Zoom or skype.


-  AUD 185 (including GST) - 


What's in there for you?

  • You will feel held and strongly supported all the way down to your goal, as your coach will be 100% devoted and focussed on YOU through 1 on 1 coaching. 

  • With a strategy and tool kit made just for you, you will be able to watch your problem dissolve and perceive solutions arising. As a result you will feel relieved and greatly empowered.

  • Get personalised adjustments along your journey with a 1 on 1 follow up. Thrive from your progress and feel the joy and happiness emerging from a new level of connection with your partner.

  • Your coach being under the mentoring of the best international psychotherapist and endorsed by the International Institute of Holistic Medicine and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, you can feel confident, knowing you're working with an expert.

  • Integrity being our number one value, you will be reassured knowing you're in good hands

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