My story in a nut shell:

From stepping into a new life...

I am a Certified Relationship Coach, Positive Psychology, and Neuro-linguistic Programming practitioner

And this is, in short, how I got there:

I have studied Biology Engineering in France, got married relatively young, and worked as a Quality Manager for about 10 years.


At that time (2008), I went through a rocky divorce that led to rebirth. And as I was becoming alive again, SO MANY PEOPLE around me started to share the deepest secrets of their love life.

Fears, joy, dreams, disillusions, infidelities, hope. I listened and learned from hundreds and hundreds of individuals crossing my path and sharing with me a glimpse of their romantic life. I happened to be a trustworthy confidant for those kinds of conversations I guess.


While life was following its course and while I was maintaining my role as a trusted confidant, I watched some exciting photos of my brother about his travels in Australia. Life over there seemed so different. I thought it was time for a significant change.


So I decided in 2012 to live my job as a quality manager, sell everything I had, and squeeze what was left from my life in a beautiful brown suitcase covered by hearts confetti, and flew straight to Melbourne, where I still live today.

...To stepping into a new path

These years in Australia have been some of the most intense episodes of my life.


I met INCREDIBLE people.

I had SENSATIONAL relationship experiences.

I traveled A LOT (including a one-year holiday all around the globe). And I met a fantastic man that I thought this time would be the right one forever.


And there again, I was wrong.


This led me to EXTENSIVE studies and research on human psychology, physiology, and sociology. I decided to go under the mentoring of one of the best therapists in the field: Esther Perel.

I was eager to understand why I was making these mistakes. And I was even keener to know why so many of us make these same damn mistakes. 

This is what led me to what I am doing today. 

  • So I can pass on what I learned from the greatest minds and mentors in the field.

  • So you have a chance to avoid the mistakes I, and so many of us make in relationships.

  • So I can help you to save your marriage.

  • So you have an opportunity to understand what doesn't make sense at first glance.

  • And finally, so you have a chance to know NOW what you wish you knew before.

Over the last 15 years, I took the chance to reflect on my mistakes, learnings, people's stories, and overall life experience.


As a result, I got a set of tools and knowledge that allows me to serve you and impact your life in such a positive way.